Evan WatsonEvan McGowan-Watson is a co-founder of BrandYourself.com, an online reputation management company which helps people take control over their own search results. Evan Watson, along with his college friends Pete Kistler and Patrick Ambron, committed themselves to developing a platform which could truly make a positive impact in our modern, digitalized world.

BrandYourself has since grown to over 300,000 active users, and secured over $5 million in venture capital. Furthermore, BrandYourself has received a significant amount of publicity, having been featured by the Huffington Post, Fox News, Mashable, US News & World, ABC, NPR and the television show SharkTank.

Evan is passionate about connecting people with products and experiences that can truly make their lives better. He is currently service as the Director of Business Development and Sales where he is focused on expanding and growing the company. For Evan, marketing and customer acquisition is not about the numbers, but rather the psychology behind earning the users interest, and developing a deeper connection with your company and product. BrandYourself has allowed Evan to make countless connections with individuals and help them in an extremely meaningful way.

Originally from Vermont, Evan McGowan-Watson attended Syracuse University, where he double majored in Entrepreneurship and Writing. While at Syracuse, Evan worked as an Executive Assistant in the Falcone Center for Entrepeneurship. It was here that Evan began to explore and develop his passion and knowledge for research and business development. These skills have been extremely vital as Evan has worked to grow BrandYourself to where it is today.

When not in the office, Evan enjoys spending his time outdoors. He loves to kiteboard, snowboard and wakeboard as well as travel as much as he can. Furthermore, Evan Watson enjoys working with his hands with hobbies including metalsmithing, wood-working and beer brewing. You can learn more about Evan McGowan-Watson by checking out his other profiles: Pinterest, Stocktwits and Crunchbase.


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